Q: How much do you charge?

A: The band will take each enqueiry seperatly and will quote fairly for your event. This is for travel to your event, 1hr set 20 min break and a 2nd hour set. This may fluctuate depending on how long you want us at your event and distance to the venue. Please contact us so we can quote you accordingly.


Q: How many players are there in the Band?

A: We are a seven piece band consisting of Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Banjo, Pinao, Sousaphone and Drums.


Q: What's a sousaphone?

A: A Tuba in which the bell of the instrument faces forwards rather than straight up.


Q: Are you able to travel?

A: The band is able to travel however please do contact us so we can discuss logistics.

Any questions?  Read these Frequently asked questions, they may hold the answer!

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These are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you still have a query after reading the below, please don't hesitate to call or email us to ask.