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75th Anniversary D-Day

Yesterday was the 6th of June, D-Day. The allied nations poised ready to launch 'The Great Crusade' an ambitious plan to liberate occupied Europe. However, this is not 1944. We are now 75 years on from that landmark historic event. We now celebrate and remember this momentous occasion in our history.

We had the pleasure of performing for a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day on the beautiful cliff tops of Highcliffe at the Cliffhanger.

Tables decorated in red white and blue, flags of the allied nations and memorabilia of an era ebbing slowly into the distantance.

The Cliffhanger now filled with an excited audience and we begin our first set and first tune. 'In The Mood' a tune made so very famous by well known 1940s band leader and trombonist Glen Miller.

The men that sat in the transport ships awaiting the foreboding beach assault on the morning of June 6th had music played over the ships intercom. Music such as Glen Millers were the most popular tracks in the world at that time. I find that a nostalgic glow fills the air as we continue playing.

The story 75 years ago was very different. As this music played over the airwaves in the dark and damp and crew holds of those huge lumbering cargo ships, thoughts of home and loved ones and the uncertainty that lay ahead of the men awaiting the landings must have been exceptionally tough.

Even on the airfields earlier that morning, paratroopers and pilots, crew and gunners would have been listening to records of this music to take their mind off the impending assault.

Thoughts like this amplified through our minds at the event and the more we played, the more we felt connected to that major event 75 years ago.

Beautiful food came to each table as people sat with their friends and loved ones enjoying each others company, laughing and talking to each other.

We are here today at this time because of that fateful day 75 years ago.

All across Great Britain, America and in Europe, people will be doing the same. Remembering and raising glasses to their parents, grandparents, friends brothers, sisters and relatives.

Upon our interval, the band had time to reflect. How lucky were we, to be able to perform for others enjoyment in a free country. And how lucky were we to sit together as friends on this side of the water knowing that on this day June 6th we would not have to fight and possibly die thanks to those brave men that landed in France all those years ago.

We remember and raise our glasses to them, the heroes that saved the world.

Revellers and event organiser Denis Carlton raise a glass to remember D-Day

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