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Happy New Year! 2020

Hope you all have had a special new year whatever you ended up doing. Now, a new year is on our doorstep, meaning new and exciting opportunities. It’s also a unique time as we are now in 2020, why is this unique? Well, we are 100 years on from one of the most explosive decades of live music. Yes, the golden age of hot jazz has long departed but echoes of this spectacularly glamorous time have far from been forgotten. In fact, it could be said it is now more popular than ever. Several revivals have happened over the last few decades in the 1950s' 1970's and the here and now in the 2000's. Younger people are now being more and more drawn to this unique and exciting musical platform of expression and individuality. How funny to think that in some cases we have just come full circle since those 100 years ago! With that said, we hope your new year will be full of music, fun and happiness. Let’s just hope this decade doesn’t end like it did back then!


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