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Suns out, buns out!

The nicer weather is almost here and you know what that means? Yep!- you guessed it, BBQs, Garden Parties - (with tea and buns of course), fetes and fairs and generally enjoying the great outdoors.

Here at the Ragtime Revellers we love getting out in the fine weather and playing to all kinds of outdoor events. We are really exited to make peoples special days such as birthdays and weddings, anniversaries and more that extra bit special!

Of course, Its not everyday that you have a 1920's band playing in your backyard!

Last year we had some wonderful events in and around Christchurch and we even found ourselves leading the Christchurch Carnival Parade!

We also had the great pleasure of a number of exciting new events such as playing for an afternoon tea at Arundells in Salisbury.

Our work takes us all over the place but some of the most special events are the more intimate events. Its always lovely seeing families celebrating their time with their loved ones, having a sing song and dancing to some of the most easy listening upbeat music ever created!

Saying this, we really do love all of the work we come across. Whether we are indoors outdoors or half and half in some cases! its always special to have some good toe tapping live music in your life whatever time of year it is!

Down by the Riverside!

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